This project is still under development. We are a group of people who are passionate about cycling and who wish to share our motivation with others. Therefore, we want to become a space where well documented routes and good storytelling reading based in Catalonia can be found. The articles that we will keep on posting pursue to be enjoyable to read as well as to provide a different narrative compared to mainstream mountainbike journalism. We approach places and dirt roads from an alpinist mindset, where respect, care and admiration are key values. We believe that the bicycle by itself is a means of transport that enables us to approach to territories in a different way, with a different perspective and at a different rhythm, one that is more calm, comprehensive and careful, one that allows us to discover without spoiling.

We are currently collecting experiences and two members of our team will be the ones which will post most of the experiences. Their names are Ariadna and Gerard and they are currently in a bikepacking trip across Latin America that will take them from Peru to Argentina in about 6 months.

We believe in the discovery of the environment at a human pace


Approaching more people to this way of understanding the discovery, we want to obtain a demasification of tourist spaces, promulgating the dispersion of the adventures in a larger territory and thus diminishing the environmental and economic impact. This approach allows us to learn from ourselves and from the territory, while allowing others to learn from our vision.

Approaching cycling to people by making the experience an adventure and a learning while enhancing the care of the environment and reducing the impact


In order to achieve the goals we have set as a group, in the future we want to offer the possibility of guiding people on the routes we propose, in the way we understand the discovery that we are explaining to you here. In order to promote cycling in the Catalan territory, we also propose that you share with us your experiences, you can get in touch with us here.


Sostenibility (Km.0)

We understand life as a cyclical system and therefore balanced. To ensure the maintenance of this system, it is necessary to design sustainable projects, developing strategies to reduce the environmental impact and the ecological footprint, weaving the network with people and territories and putting at the centre of all action the care for the environment.


  • Close contact with the users
  • Weave a good network with projects and people from each zone
  • Historical recognition of the territory
  • Use of already existing routes
  • Compliance with the regulations of each zone and natural park
  • Use of reusable cloth or glass containers to avoid the use of plastics
  • Care for the environment and cleaning of the spaces where the routes are carried out
  • (Re) Connect with nature

This is a cooperative project because it is based on democratic principles, of involvement and co-responsibility. We work to maintain sustainable development and common well-being.


  • Self-management and teamwork
  • Create a network with projects and people in each zone
  • Care for the people who are part of it
  • Continued education and self-training
  • Ensure compliance with the rights of all people

We intend to accompany from equal to equal while staying professional. In this way, our purpose is to guide and provide tools to people who want to learn and experience. As professionals we are efficient, with a capacity for reaction and decision at the same time that we seek the empowerment and autonomy of the users.


  • Adequate routes to each individual’s level and needs
  • We study the opportunities and risks in order to act responsibly
  • We create shared places to promote mutual learning
  • Reasonable use of resources and coherency in our behaviours